Signs by Sam is an industry leader in signage with over 30 years of experience serving the Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio markets.  Signs by Sam has grown from a single-man operation fabricating signs out of a single-car garage in Ellwood City to a multi-facet signage outfitter with a team of expert craftsmen and creative designers – who are all professionals in their field.  Signs by Sam has worked with hundreds of clients, both local to regional, in a wide range of industries ranging from small local business to large industrial and commercial corporations.

Signs by Sam offers a design and production facility with over 7,200 sq ft of space accommodating sign manufacturing as well as open floor space to accommodate commercial and industrial vehicles for vinyl decaling and lettering.  The facility allows for professional finishing in a controlled, tempered, and protected environment ensuring professionally sign and vehicle finishing.

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Leaps And Bounds

Leaps and Bounds Ahead of the Rest

Most would agree that positivity breeds positivity; meaning a positive attitude or outlook is contagious.  We’ve seen this notion not only sweeping through City Center Place over the past few years, but also sweeping through the streets of Ellwood City as a whole. Our second business feature in our 3-part series spotlights one of our very own Ellwood City residents that has turned her childhood dream into a reality, all while spreading positivity to a younger generation.

yvonne-blogA Small Town Girl with Big Time Dreams

Growing up, Yvonne Ovial always wanted to own her own gymnastics center; the sport had been part of her life since she was young, joining Bette Baney Gymnastic & Cheer Center at just 6 years old.  She continued to study there through high school, while also transitioning from student to employee at the age of 14 and remained there through the end of her college career.  It was then that timing and a little bit of luck coincided.  Bette decided to retire in 2010, and in 2012, Yvonne took over the business, renaming it Leaps & Bounds Gymnastics Company in 2014. Located in City Center Place on Lawrence Avenue, the gym is open to ages 3-17. Yvonne takes tremendous pride in coaching tumbling, apparatus, and cheer skills; she also would love to be able to have competitive gymnastics and competitive cheer teams in the future.

A Positive & Uplifting Atmosphere

Yvonne is passionate about her business and the kids that step foot into her studio.  She strives to teach confidence, self-esteem, courage, and teamwork, just to name a few.

“At Leaps & Bounds Gymnastics Company, we seek to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere in which each student is encouraged to be themselves, perform to the best of their ability & have FUN!’ This mission is what we are all about. We are committed to helping our students achieve success no matter their age or skill level. You don’t have to be an experienced gymnast to come to Leaps & Bounds. Come just as you are and learn from the basics all the way up to advanced levels. We are looking for any student to come to our gym that is excited about learning gymnastics!”

leaps-gym-blogYvonne has also paired passion with creativity, extending opportunities to non-students to see the gym in a really exciting way- birthday parties. This allows kids to not only have a fun, nontraditional birthday celebration, but also allows non-students to get a sneak peek into the gym if they are thinking about joining.

Leaps & Bounds is just one of the many small businesses that are making a positive impact in Ellwood City and the surrounding areas.  We look forward to seeing this trend continue over the upcoming years!

512 Lawrence Avenue
Ellwood City, PA 16117
724-758-0450 | 724-944-5448
Visit their website at http://leapsandboundsgymco.com/
Find them on Facebook: @LeapsandBoundsGymnasticsCompany